About Me:

Ordinary Person

I grew up in Southwest New Brunswick in a typical middle-class family. I moved to Salmon Arm in 2011 after university with a desire to raise a family in a place that had a strong sense of community. A decade later that dream has come true (see above). I work as a public servant in education and In my 'spare' time I am committed to giving back to the things that fuel my soul every day whether that is charity work, the various boards I have been on, or just being a good neighbor and friend.

Extraordinary Values

Among my top core values are transparency, integrity, and compassion. How this influences my politics is that I am fiercely committed to democracy above all else. No matter your position on any topic people deserve a voice. I won't make promises I can't keep and will always follow through on my word, and people will be at the heart of every decision I make.

Exceptional Work Ethic

Whether it was my first job at the local fish and chip stand as a tween to pay for my back-to-school clothes, graveyard shifts at the fish plant to save for university or my decade in direct sales. I have always worked hard for what I have. I now have the privilege of lending that work ethic to public service.

About My Platform:

Engaging Citizens

Weekly Councilor office hours. 

Regular communication with non-profits, societies, and community advocacy groups.

Advocating for regular community engagement.

Stewarding our Land

Updating the official community plan to reflect solutions to the housing and climate crisis.

Preparing Salmon Arm for climate disaster mitigation including issues around fire protection, biodiversity, and food security.

Indigenization of infrastructure; signage, language, worldview.  

Prospering Together

Eliminating barriers to safe, affordable, and stable housing.

Encouraging and educating businesses about the benefits of honoring living wage rates of employment.

Diversity and inclusion initiatives in all community spaces.

About My Qualifications and Community Involvement

While I believe strongly that anyone can and should pursue representative positions within our democracy and professional experience isn't always an indicator of one's ability to be a good politiician I do feel in addition to being a very ordinary person I've tried to pursue opportunities that would lend itself to political life. 


Bachelor's of Arts in Communications from the University of Calgary (Completed Spring 2010)

Graduate Certificate in Values-Based Leadership from Royal Roads University (Completed Spring 2016)

Project Management Certificate Okanagan College (Completed 2018)

Public Leadership Credential (In Progress)

Governance Experience

Shuswap Women's Recreational Soccer Association (Numerous positions on and off 10 yrs)

Celebrate Shuswap Society (Founding member-current)

President Shuswap NDP Association (Current and last 5 Years)

Interior Representative to BC NDP Women and Gender Rights Committee (Current)

BC Women's Rep to NDP Federal Executive (Current)

NOTE: While my political home will likely always be the NDP I also recognize when my home needs serious redecorating and spend a significant amount of my energy making that happen within the party particularly around issues on the environment and democracy within the party.

Other Non- Partisan Affiliations

Member of Fair Vote Canada

Member of Courage Coalition

Member of Lead Now

Member of 350 org

Community Memberships

Voice of the Shuswap

Shuswap Theater

Shuswap Climate Action